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Let us  heel  you &  Restore your sole.

We make it easy for you.

We are a mobile business offering complimentary and contact-free pick up & drop off services in Washington D.C., so you can access top tier services without leaving your home.

You're in good hands.

Proudly serving the D.C. metropolitan area since 1996, we have over 20 years of diverse experience providing repair, cleaning, and leather care services. We pledge the absolute best quality and service to our valued customers.

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01 | How We Work

Our goal is to make it easy for you.

To get started, click order and select the services you need.

We will contact you to confirm receipt and schedule a contactless pickup*.


We pick up and drop off shoes every Tuesday.

Due to COVID, most services now have a turnaround time of one week.

Once your shoes are ready, we will return them (contact free)

the following Tuesday.

That's it!

*If you'd prefer to drop off your shoes yourself, find your closest pickup location.

If you're not in the area, you're welcome to ship your shoes to us.


02 | Services

If you're interested in a service not listed on our website, please don't hesitate to ask!

Photos are helpful, as they allow us to provide the most detailed and accurate advice possible.

Platform Shoes



Tying Shoes



Leather Shoes

Half Sole & Heel 


Full Repair & Restoration


Cleaning & Disinfecting

Shoe Repair Tools

Add-Ons &

Other Services

03 | Gallery

We're still building our gallery.

More photos coming soon!


04 | Testimonials

I had a well-worn pair of boots that needed a full sole repair. This team was fantastic. They did a great job re-doing the entire sole and they shined up my boots and they look so great. Their customer service is incredible - so responsive and kind. The pick up and drop off service is so helpful and makes it so easy. Truly great work for a very reasonable price. Fast turnaround as well. And they take Venmo! Couldn't be happier and can't recommend highly enough.

Annie J.

I thought my boots were too far gone - I basically walked out the soles and had broken down the heels. After seeing the excellent reviews for DC Shoe Repair, I reached out to Lee to see if my boots could even be repaired. Lee answered very promptly and gave me a very reasonable quote for a half sole and heel replacement, including complimentary pickup and drop off right from my apartment building. I was super late confirming my address for pickup (like confirmed my address the same day they were meant to be picked up), but DC Shoe Repair was still able to accommodate me, confirmed all aspects of pick up, and delivered my shoes within 4 days, as promised! Payment was super easy via Venmo, and I really could not have asked for a more convenient service. I will definitely use DC Shoe Repair again!

Anna R.

Jung and his entire team were amazing! I paid to have these boots refinished last year for the effects to only last a few months.  DC Shoe Repair was upfront with what they could accomplish and what they felt I should do.  They were honest regarding which parts of the boots to keep original and which to refinish, which I really appreciated. They valued the the shoe's originality and value and my needs more than the money in their pockets.  Customer Service couldn't have been better and the prices are more than reasonable.  Huge shout out to DC Shoe Repair! You don't realize the emotional value these boots have to me, so keeping them in good condition means so much.  

Thank you all!

Lindsay R.

DC Shoe Repair is awesome! The staff is kind, responsive, and quick on turnarounds! I don't normally pay over $30 for sewing jobs, but it was certainly money well spent for their craftsmanship. (Not to mention the fact they pickup AND drop off orders--a great touch for people concerned about COVID-19 and social distancing.) They helped bring my vision to life on a pair of shoes that I recently purchased a couple embroidered patches for; and sewed those patches on perfectly! I can't wait to show them off!


The repairman for DC shoe repair is truly a magician when it comes to shoes. I have been using their F&C cleaners (Arlington) drop-off location, but I saw a few locations closer to home on their new website and will be taking my shoes to one of those cleaners in the future. I have taken in Uggs that were crusted in mud, cowboy boots with completely worn down heels, riding boots with a broken zipper, and even new flats that were too tight around the toes that I needed stretched. I've been so happy with the results each time! Prices are very reasonable and turnaround time was awesome (3-5 days in most cases, except for the broken zipper which I was advised beforehand that it would take longer). I love the quality of the work and the expertise-- I have contacted the repair man several times with questions, and he is always very friendly, helpful, and happy to provide recommendations and advice. I can tell that he truly values his customers and takes pride in his work, which has made me a loyal customer. Cant say enough good things about this business, would happily recommend to anyone!

Sandy L.

My favorite boots that I had bought from Nordstroms that are discontinued were saved! They were picked up on Thursday and back the next day. The heels were completely scraped off from wear.  Thank you sooo much for your expertise and service during the tough COVID times.

Tana L.

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05 | Get in Touch

Thanks for submitting!


If you'd like to request a callback, please leave your phone number and let us know a time that works best for you.

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